In our vision statement we say: "Healthcare Solutions strives to identify opportunities to support the health of individuals within their communities [and] continually educate health care encourage the utilization of health care products to their full potential for the benefit of every demographic."

Healthcare Solutions desires to maintain relationships with and provide opportunities to healthcare professionals that sustain the ultimate goal of providing optimal patient care - both in institutions and in the community. Here you'll find just a few services created especially for that purpose. 


Professional Education and Lunch

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Healthcare Solutions offers professional education sessions in our private, purpose-built Summit Room on the second floor of our Edmonton South Gateway Boulevard location. These sessions give health professionals an opportunity to engage in presentations given by product vendor representatives and other professionals over lunch.

We offer 1.5 hour sessions from 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. with complimentary buffet lunch served at 11:45 a.m; RSVP required.

We also offer full day continuing education sessions to registrants for a nominal fee.


With our extensive selection of equipment Healthcare Solutions has been one of Alberta’s major ADL suppliers for over 25 years. We strive to provide health professionals with the most accurate ADL equipment catalogue and in our current, high-demand environment we recognized a need for innovation.

Enter – a completely custom ADL website, exclusive to Healthcare Solutions – that allows you to source and order equipment for your clients faster and more accurately than ever before. Shop by product number, category, or brand, and place your order using our secure checkout without ever picking up the phone.

Healthcare Solutions provides a wide range of products for health professionals to use in their practice. We know you are looking for the best pricing possible with the least hassle so you can get back to caring for your patient with the tools you need.

HealthMax.Pro is our wholesale website for physio and rehab health professionals. Simply request an account to get started and you'll have instant access to wholesale pricing in a secure and easy to use online store.