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Trigger Point

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Why Trigger Point?

Essentially, when you have sore or tight muscles, it if often from an abundance of lactic acid trapped in the muscle.

Lactic Acid is a by product from an over-worked or tight muscle – whether that be from exercise or muscle imbalances – and this is what can lead to chronic muscle pain.  Trigger Point Therapy involves applying a specific amount of sustained pressure to a sore or tight muscle for 15-20 seconds, flushing lactic acid and other toxins out of the muscle.

Since blood can only flow unidirectional (one way), only fresh oxygenated blood can enter the newly flushed area to start the healing process.  Performing this therapy on a regular basis to the affected muscle, in combination with stretching and strengthening, is widely believed to be the most effective method of treating most muscle-related pain.


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