Who we are

Healthcare Solutions is a niche retailer where success of the team and the company depends on having highly reliable, self-motivated, and adaptable employees. We are always looking for energetic, personable, and dedicated people to join our team! Select the link below to be redirected to our Indeed Career Page where you can view our current job vacancies.


How We've Come to Success

Interior of our South location.

Exterior of our South location.

Exterior of our North location.


We’re a family-operated, fast-growing, proudly Canadian company that’s continued to be passionate about our customers, our business, and the products we sell for over 25 years. Whether you’re looking for a familiar brand or a new solution we strive to provide a top quality response to your needs. 

Customers love our stores because they make shopping for home medical and wellness needs enjoyable on account of the atmosphere, the range of the products, and the friendly faces. When customers shop with us for what they need they often also find something they want and that's pretty rare for a medical supply store.

We aim to become industry leaders, provincially, nationally, and beyond - and not just in the context of a traditional medical supply store; we are excited to continue working with health professionals and other health service providers to expand the services we can offer our customers.


What's great about this company from an employee standpoint, is that we are growing and changing all the time. That means that Healthcare Solutions has a lot of unique opportunities for its employees; people who are highly motivated and engaged are given autonomy and new responsibilities - we don't have a "one-job-description-fits-all" approach and we're flexible.

Healthcare Solutions is about providing great customer experiences in a challenging and niche industry; we need a strong, dedicated team to do this which is why we put long-term effort into training our employees. New hires can expect to shadow current employees to learn in a hands-on approach and our team is always there to answer questions that facilitate progressive learning.