8 Reasons Why an Adjustable Bed Is Right for You

May 10, 2019
8 Reasons Why an Adjustable Bed Is Right for You
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In an average lifespan, humans will spend roughly 26 years asleep. On top of that, a staggering seven years will be spent simply trying to fall asleep! Whether that's due to personal distractions or physical limitations, we're here to get that number down. One way is to consider trading in your flat mattress for an adjustable bed that fit your needs.

Your Comfort Is a Priority

Adjustable beds offer customizable comfort for everyone. Raise or lower your back, feet, or both to whatever level feels perfect to you. This is especially great for people with physical limitations, such as chronic pain or pregnancy. An adjustable bed matches the contours of your body, providing an equal amount of support and eliminating any possibilities of pain. Additionally, what feels comfortable one night may not feel comfortable the next, so being able to adjust your bed each night will significantly improve your sleep quality.

Health Benefits

Changing your sleeping position can end up benefiting your health in more ways than just improving your quality of sleep:

  • Joint pain due to arthritis can be alleviated by sleeping with your legs raised, and the ergonomic positions offered with adjustable beds can help you get in and out of bed easily and comfortably.
  • Sleeping with your back elevated can help reduce back pain, sleep apnea symptoms, and asthma flare-ups. It can even improve digestion and reduces acid reflux and heartburn, whether you tend to eat close to your bedtime or if you just choose to rest after dinner.
  • Elevating both your back and legs in a "zero-gravity" position takes pressure off the spine and improve your circulation. This is additionally beneficial for your heart health, as poor circulation makes your heart work harder and can increase your blood pressure, leading to other health complications, particularly frequent headaches.

Sleeping Solutions

Your sleep quality affects everything in your life, from pain management to simply going about your day-to-day activities. Improve both your quality of sleep and your overall health by making the switch to our adjustable beds.

Contact Healthcare Solutions today, so you can spend less time falling asleep and more time sleeping soundly.

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