Fitness Essentials for the Best At-Home Workout

February 06, 2018
Fitness Essentials for the Best At-Home Workout
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Crowded gyms, expensive classes, and running through the rain doesn’t always sound like the best option for getting in our daily workout. Not everyone can invest in converting part of their home into a professional at-home gym. There are simple essentials that can turn a backyard, living room, or even bedroom into the ideal workout space. Find out more about the basics for getting fit at home without breaking the bank.  

1. Speed Jump Rope

Get your workout started with a fun warm up. Forget the treadmill, elliptical, or track race; jump rope is an excellent way to get the blood flowing throughout your body to increase circulation to the muscles. Warming up can help guard against a potential strain or injury.


2. Exercise ball

The exercise ball is the perfect tool for creating stability and engaging the core. You can use the ball in a variety of ways. Check out these 8 Stability Ball Exercises to select the part of your body you want to target. This ranges from the biceps all the way down to the glutes.


3. Free Weights

Having a set of free weights in your home is essential. Select a variety of lb’s so you can build your strength over time. Discover specific workouts you can try in the article Total Body Training With Only a Pair of DumbbellsDumbbells really can accomplish an amazing, strength-building routine. The essentials include:


4. Foam Roller

A foam roller is a post-workout essential. After you have warmed up, engaged your core, and lifted a few weights, it’s time to take care of your muscles to prevent future pain. A foam roller is literally rolled over trigger points where knots have developed. The roller releases tightness and tension that can worsen over time without careful attention.

5. Hot & Cold Pack

You may not think of a hot & cold pack when you think about getting your best workout. Turns out preparing for your workout and recovering post workout are just as important for your health as lifting weights. Your muscles can feel tired or sore after engaging in a tiresome routine, especially if you’re new to the gym or at-home gym scene. Relax your muscles by placing the cool sensation on inflamed areas and the hot sensation on tense areas. This will have you waking up with the good kind of muscle soreness instead of straight up pain.

The Affordable At-Home Gym

You don’t need an expensive at-home gym, a high-tech machine, or a free garage to set up a space for the ultimate at home workout. With these simple essentials you can start working on your physical fitness right now. This equipment is affordable, easy to store away, and really works to give you results.


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