How to Improve Circulation and Stay Warm this Winter

December 18, 2018
How to Improve Circulation and Stay Warm this Winter
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Do you have poor circulation or medical condition that causes poor circulation, such as Raynaud’s syndrome? If you do, you know how painful and uncomfortable it can be to step outside on a cold winter’s day. Unfortunately, facing the Canadian winter is unavoidable. If you’re concerned about your circulation, here are some ways to help your extremities stay warm this winter.

Wear the Right Fabrics

Simply covering yourself with jeans, socks, and a sweater may not be enough to keep you warm this winter. That’s because not all fabrics are made the same. Cotton is the perfect material to wear in the summer because its breathable weave allows air to circulate and keep you cool. In the winter, any material that is insulating and wicking will naturally keep you warmer. Stick with wools and flannels. Layer your clothing starting with a quality base-layer and add layers of fleece and merino wool on top. To keep your hands warm, stick with thick fleecy mittens with a waterproof outer layer or try NatraCure Warming Gel Mittens.

Drink Warm Drinks

It’s no secret that drinking hot drinks can warm you up from the inside out. Some types of beverages can even make you sweat! From herbal teas to hot chocolate, there’s no end to flavours you can choose to keep yourself warm. Be sure to avoid drinking excessive caffeine or sugary drinks. Add ginger and spices to your hot drink for an even warmer sensation.

Pamper Your Feet

Blood has to travel the furthest to reach your toes from your heart, which means that those appendages are often the first body parts to go cold. This winter, pay particular attention to your feet. Before leaving the house, give yourself a warm footbath. Wear thick, woollen socks and invest in heavy-duty winter boots. If you’re planning on spending a lot of time outside, stick small heat pads inside your boots for extra warmth.

Quit Bad Habits

It might surprise you to know that you can improve your circulation just by changing your lifestyle and avoiding unhealthy habits. Smoking cigarettes constricts blood vessels, which reduces blood flow and lowers the temperature in your fingers and toes. Lack of exercises and poor food choices are also major contributors to poor blood circulation, so committing to exercising more regularly and eating more wholesome foods will naturally give your body the vitamins it needs to regulate circulation.

Be sure to visit your doctor if your circulation gets worse. Shop online at Healthcare Solutions or visit one of our Edmonton locations.

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