How to Take Care of Yourself During the COVID-19 Pandemic

March 26, 2020
How to Take Care of Yourself During the COVID-19 Pandemic
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Being in quarantine can make you go a bit stir-crazy after a while. Just remember that you’re not alone.

Terms, such as self-quarantining and social distancing, have cropped up since the coronavirus has started spreading throughout the world. They are precautions that people are taking to prevent or slow down the spread of the virus.

  • Self-quarantining means remaining in quarantine for 14 days because you have either tested positive for COVID-19 or may have been exposed to the coronavirus. Self-quarantining is practiced in order to determine whether or not you are contagious or will develop the symptoms. People who have returned from travelling abroad are asked to self-quarantine to prevent the spread of the virus.
  • Social distancing means keeping a certain distance from others. People are advised to stand six feet away from each other if they must interact in person. Some examples of social distancing include:
    • Working from home instead of going into the office
    • Attending online classes instead of going to school 
    • Communicating with friends and family via electronic devices

We have many ways to keep yourself occupied while self-quarantining or social distancing yourself. 

But, first things first…


Get Off the Phone or Computer!

If you’re chatting on the phone or playing a computer game, that’s fine. Even reading this blog post is a step in the right direction. What we mean is: don’t obsess over the news on the internet. It’s easy to pick up your phone or log onto your computer and scroll. And scroll. And scroll. And scroll ad infinitum. It’s not good for your mental health to read everything on the COVID-19 situation because it will cause worry and stress, especially if you follow news on social media. Read or watch the current updates for a few minutes to stay informed, but then put it away and do something else that is productive.

Cook or Bake

Since you’re most likely not going to be receiving visitors, there’s no stress in trying out some new recipes!  In a way, cooking or baking can be therapeutic, such as kneading dough or stirring brownie mix by hand. This is also a great time to perfect that tricky recipe that’s had you frustrated for awhile now. Victory shall be yours!

Meditate and Sleep Better 

You aren’t going anywhere for now, so you have plenty of time to start a meditation routine and try that new app you’ve been telling yourself you’d use. Whether it’s Headspace or Insight Timer, you have hundreds of programs to choose from, such as sleep-oriented music, guided meditations, and narrated stories. 

There is a community that has boomed in the last few years, yet most people have not heard of it. It is the Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) community. Ever felt a tingling sensation at the back of your head when you heard a certain sound? Sounds that cause tingles include tapping, page turning, pouring tea, and whispering. You’ll find many Youtubers have dedicated channels to ASMR. Popular ones include: FredsVoice, ASMR Weekly, and Gibi ASMR

ASMR is used to relax, as well as fall asleep. It can be a good alternative to music and even meditation programs if you grow tired of them.



You’ve had a To Be Read (TBR) pile of books set aside for months. Maybe there are a few classics you never covered in school or you’re anxious to finish that trilogy you started a year ago. Now, you can get comfy in your favourite armchair, bed, or on the bay window and dive in! 

Many booklists have been made specifically for the coronavirus quarantine period, even a list of books set during a pandemic. Here are a few non-pandemic options that may tickle your fancy:

If you’re alone and you’re tired of playing music or ASMR videos, try reading out loud to yourself or even to your pet. If you’re social distancing and have other individuals in your home with you, why not read out loud to each other. It’ll be a throwback to storytime when you were a child. Listening to someone read can be soothing.  

Healthcare Solutions Continues to Offer Service 

We continue to provide service at our locations, ensuring that the proper health precautions are exercised by our staff. As for our online stock, we are working to make all of our merchandise available, such as supplies used to deal with the coronavirus. 

Healthcare Solutions hopes you are taking care of your mental and physical health while self-quarantining or social distancing. Remember to keep busy and that you are not alone. 

If you require exercise equipment or other items, shop online now or contact us at 1-800-565-0333

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