Your clothes don’t fit anymore. You struggle up the stairs. Long walks leave you breathless and carrying groceries in the house are getting harder and harder. While there may be some underlying health issues at play, you’re probably out of shape. No matter how old you are, exercise is fundamental to maintaining strong bones and a healthy body mass index. If you’re feeling inspired to start exercising, here are some safe and low-impact exercises to try, courtesy of Healthcare Solutions.


Equipment needed: running shoes and breathable workout clothes

The benefits: burns calories, builds strong bones, strengthens muscles, helps to maintain a healthy weight.

Jogging in of itself takes time and practice to perfect. Those professional runners zooming past you on the street didn’t start off that way. They built up their endurance in small steps. Some argue that jogging is a mid-to-high-impact sport, as it takes a lot out on your joints. If you suffer from sore joints, we suggest running on turf or sand rather than cement.


Equipment needed: bathing suit (hair cap and goggles are optional)

The benefits: boosts heartrate without stressing your muscles or joints, improves endurance and boosts heart and lung health, builds muscle, and reduces stress. 

Swimming is the most recommended exercise for people with joint and bone problems. Unlike jogging or speed walking, swimming works out all your muscles as your body struggles to stay afloat. At the same time, the water supports your body, so that even if you’re working your hardest, you don’t feel the same impact as strength training.


Equipment needed: exercise mat, comfortable, stretchy workout clothes (foam roller and resistance bands are optional)

The benefits: Increases flexibility and muscle strength, improves circulation and energy, and reduces stress.

When performed properly, yoga can be the one exercise you’ve been searching for your whole life. Comprised of challenging postures and activating stretches, yoga seeks to re-establish your connection to your body. However, there is certainly a wrong way to practice yoga, which means it’s important to start in a beginner class to learn all the fundamentals first. Before long, you’ll start to feel your body behave like a well-oiled machine. Plus, its meditative aspect has been proven to reduce stress.

There are plenty of other low-impact exercises that can get your heart pumping, your muscles flexing, and your body moving without hurting yourself. The key is to start off slow and work your way up. Exercise is a fundamental cornerstone of overall health, and as you age, it’s even more important. That’s why Healthcare Solutions has a broad selection of exercise and fitness equipment to help you stay in shape. Shop online or visit one of our Edmonton locations.