Smart Exercises You Can Do at Your Desk

October 21, 2019
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Living in the modern world can be a simultaneously sedentary and bustling experience. 

Though we're often busy with work, family, errands, and more, there's no denying that many of us spend too much time sitting behind our desks. Technology has made it so, but sitting down too much leads to the development of chronic conditions and a higher risk of an early death. 

It's important to keep our bodies active and healthy, but even making the time for that can be a challenge. For some people, it helps to accomplish two things at once, taking care of physical needs while conducting their day-to-day business. If you're looking for ways to keep your hands, back, legs, and feet busy, then here are a few smart exercises you can do without needing to leave your desk.

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Working on the Go

It’s not every company that has its own gym for employees, and some office layouts don’t provide enough room for employees to exercise in. Additionally, some days are more hectic than others, forcing you to remain at your desk instead of popping out for a walk or a gym session. 

With a few simple medical supplies and techniques, you can easily give yourself a work-out while taking care of business. At first, you may find it challenging to work and exercise at the same time but stick with it, and you'll see how easy and convenient it is.  

1. Try an Under-Desk Elliptical or Pedal Exerciser

One of the biggest concerns with sitting at your desk for long periods is that it reduces blood pressure to your legs. With a good elliptical or pedal exerciser, you can keep your legs moving at any time throughout the day. It's perfect for keeping your blood flowing, burning calories, and strengthening leg muscles. It also lets you burn off some energy if you're feeling restless at any point. 

2. Stretch & Practice Good Posture

Idly slouching behind your keyboard can be a good way to develop back problems and other issues later on in life. It's usually better to keep yourself in a straight-up position as much as possible and avoid leaning one way or another. Additionally, stretching your arms and legs at your desk can also be a great way to help your muscles and circulation. It can even be as simple as holding them straight in the air for a few seconds at different times of the day. 

Using a seat accessory will ensure you’re sitting correctly without muscle strain or pain. If your shoulders are the main issue, the PostureMedic will keep your shoulders at the correct position.

3. Utilize a Sitting Disc

Another great way to avoid slouching and improve core strength is with one of these squishy balance devices. By simply setting it on your usual chair, you create instability that forces you to work your core muscles and balance your posture. Start using the disc for 10-15 minutes and increase your use over time. A sitting disk is like a mix between a yoga ball and a seat cushion, perfect for unobtrusive use and convenient storing.

Keep in mind that this method is still being studied for health benefits.


5. Keep a Pair of Small Weights

They don't need to be big or heavy to be effective. A decent pair of weights can serve to keep your arms healthy and strong with regular movement and exercise. Our Thera-Band® Soft Weights and our wrist/ankle weights are a great choice because you can easily store then in a desk drawer when not in use. They're great for casual exercise and physical rehabilitation, as well. 

5. Work Standing Up

It may not seem like much, but standing for a few hours every day while working can make a significant difference in your physical fitness. It works your muscles, posture, and circulation all at once, keeping your body from becoming fatigued and weakening your overall physical condition. Nowadays, it will surprise you how little we actually stand on a daily basis. Making it a habit is a great way to keep yourself healthy at your office job going forward.

Invest in a stand-up desk for your home or speak with your manager about incorporating stand-up desks into the office. They vary in sizes to accommodate a laptop or a computer with two screens. Additionally, there are versions that attach to the wall, sit on top of your regular desk, or roll around.

6. Invest in Heavy-Duty Equipment

If you’re a big cheese at your company, have an office, and spend a significant amount of time working there, consider adding a piece of exercise equipment to your office décor. Treadmills, ellipticals, and stationary bikes are popular choices, especially since you can read, hold a call, or have a one-on-one meeting.


7. Exercise Sans Equipment

Exercise can be done with what your immediate environment has to offer. Use your chair for seated bicycle crunches and tricep dips. The wall provides excellent support while you perform wall push-ups and sit-ups. If you have enough space, perform a few lunges or pretend to skip rope. There are dozens of stretches and exercises that will make you feel energized at your desk.

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