The Top 6 Must-Have Rehab Solutions

February 07, 2018
The Top 6 Must-Have Rehab Solutions
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In many cases, we don’t appreciate our body’s capabilities until we get injured. An injury can happen from over exerting ourselves during an activity, failing to adequately warm up, or simply moving our body out of its natural placement. Whether you’ve experienced an injury and are seeking rehabilitation techniques or simply want to prevent an injury from occurring, these rehab solutions are essential.


The top six must-have rehab products work to warm up muscles, improve circulation, relieve tension, and soothe the body so that it’s more mobile and plagued with less pain. Discover smart and affordable rehab solutions.


1. The Vitality Cryo Blaze Hot & Cold Packs

These gel packs are an absolute must when it comes to proper rehabilitation. The packs can be easily microwaved or left in the freezer to be suitable for the desired hot or cold therapy. When muscles are feeling tense, the hot therapy can be applied to loosen up the fibrous strands of the musculature system. This is desirable after a long day slouched over a computer or sitting in a car.


The pack can be used cold when muscles are inflamed or sore. If the body is feeling overworked and hot in sensation, the cold therapy will offset this discomfort and bring relief. Always listen to your body when deciding to apply hot or cold therapy. The Vitality Cryo packs are affordable, so you can keep multiple on hand when you need hot or cold treatment.

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2. Thera-Band Exercise Bands

Exercise bands are an important product recommended by physiotherapists in post-injury recovery. The stretch offers resistance for the muscles so that the body’s natural stretch can be challenged and improved. You can engage in a number of modified exercises with the help of Thera bands.


One common stretch is done by laying on your back and extending a foot through the band, with the other leg straight on the floor. Pulling the band toward your face will encourage a deeper stretch along the hamstring. Watch this stretch here:

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3. Foam Roller

A foam roller is used as a form of self-myofascial release or self massage. This process gets rid of adhesions in the muscles and other connective tissue. Foam rolling can be done before or after a workout or even after a long day. The motion of rolling over the muscles brings blood and circulation to the body parts.


Exercise can build up lactic acid in the body’s muscles. Rolling the hard foam over the body helps release this acid and other toxins from collecting in the deep tissues. Overall, foam rolling is an affordable way to improve mobility and enhance recovery.

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4. Therall Heat Retaining Back Support

The lower back is one of the most sensitive areas of the body. The back holds a lot of weight and can be irritated when you fail to maintain an upright posture. The Therall Heat Retaining Back Support system is made with four-way stretch material for light compression therapy.


The joints and tissues are lightly heated by the fabric and feel a sense of long-lasting relief. The support can be worn under clothing but should not be worn for over 12 hours. After taking off the support, you can feel your back return to daily activities with greater ease.

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5. Shiatsu Foot Massager

Many of us are constantly on our feet. The shoes designed for everyday wear (not for exercise) have an insufficient arch for the natural shape of our foot. Without insoles or additional support, the soles of our feet can become pained.


Yet another issue people run into with age is the decrease of circulation to the lower extremities of the body. Cold feet? The feet are among the hardest to receive adequate circulation. Using a foot massager wakes up the blood vessels in the feet and activates the smaller muscles that make up our heels and the pads of our feet.


The foot massager feels like a relief after a long day of running around. There is an option to turn a heating sensation on or off as the nodes deeply knead into the feet.

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6. Knotty Tiger Knot Buster

This Tiger product is designed to make muscles happy. We carry a lot of tension in our muscles, especially in our shoulders, neck, and upper back. The knot buster is a self massage tool that pushes out tension.

You can use this device on common trigger points to increase performance, increase circulation, prevent injury, and speed up recovery. You can either use this massager on top of clothing or with massage oil. You can manipulate the shape into trigger points by holding it in your hand or place it on the ground and knead your back into the shape.

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Keep Your Body Happy

Don’t wait until an unexpected injury to start taking care of your body’s mechanisms. Treat rehabilitation as an everyday practice. Wake up and warm up your muscles, stretch throughout the day, and massage your muscles at the end of each day.


Rehabilitation shouldn’t feel like a chore. Taking care of your muscles, joints, and other tissues can be as enjoyable as a relaxing massage. Use these affordable products to treat yourself with care today.

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