14050 Fistula & Wound Management System, Mini, w/o Filter, 4" - 6-1/4" (104-159mm), 6/BX

by Coloplast


COL 14050
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Having an abdominal fistula can affect a patient’s quality of life considerably. Fistula patients are often hospitalized or restricted to their home for a long period of time and a lack of movement can cause a feeling of isolation. Managing fistulas is also one of the most challenging situations for healthcare professionals. The Coloplast Fistula and Wound Management System was designed together with nurses to be a simple solution that can manage the fistula, providing patients with a comfortable pouch while saving nurses time. The Coloplast Fistula and Wound Management System is designed with a flexible adhesive. The pouch conforms to unique abdominal contours and molds to the skin with ease. Coloplast Fistula and Wound Management System The solution includes a long-lasting adhesive, wound tracing sheet, removable lid, drain port and a clamp Double-layer adhesive - flexible and long lasting, and protects the skin from drainage Tracing guide - designed to increase accuracy in cutting fistula or wound pattern Removable lid - flexible and easy to apply and remove, allowing nurses access to dress wounds The Coloplast Fistula and Wound Management System assortment includes a number of accessories to support the system: Bed drainage bag Bag tubing specifically designed for fistula output. Holds up to 2000ml Long tubing allows nurses to find the right length for bed drainage Can be easily cut Flexible lids Each system contains one flexible lid, extra lids can be ordered separately Easy to apply and remove, allowing nurses to dress wounds Available in mini, midi and maxi sizes Drain port Each system contains one drain port, extra drain ports can be ordered separately Drain port can be easily applied to the lid to allow for catheter insertion See instructions for use on correct way to apply the drain port

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