Healthcare Products That Help Diabetics Feel Their Best

February 07, 2018
healthcare products that help diabetics
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There are 11 million Canadians currently living with diabetes or prediabetes and every three minutes another Canadian is diagnosed. Individuals who live with diabetes know that self-care and treatment is essential in order to maintain an active, independent, and vital life. The following products can help people living with diabetes more easily manage their disease.

1. Comfortable Shoes

Diabetes can lead to nerve damage in the legs and feet. As a result, the muscles in the foot may not function as effectively. The pressure of each step can be distributed unevenly and lead to further physiological consequences. Apex STRETCH shoes were designed with optimal comfort in mind. The fabric is equipped with a moisture wicking lining and is seamless and stretchable for accommodating all foot problems. The shoes come with removable orthotics to support the step of feet with neuropathic damage.

The STRETCH shoes have removable layers and are machine washable for the utmost convenience. Having custom shoes are a diabetics best friend when dealing with unpleasant nerve damage.

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2. Information At-Hand

Living with Diabetes can present certain health risks and it’s always advantageous to have an identifier on you that notifies people you are diabetic in the instance of an emergency. There are bracelets available, but not everyone wants to wear these throughout every day of every week. The bracelet can only tell a small fraction of the story.

The MedID Card is a credit card sized device with a USB drive inside. The USB contains all personal medical data that can be accessed. 18% of medical errors are due to inadequate availability of patient information. This device makes sure that you are protected from this error.

Having your information ready is also a great way to provide accurate and detailed information to your doctor. You will save wasted time that could have been spent gathering up past information and verbally communicating it back to them. The personal control, privacy, and portability is why this invention is a smart choice for diabetics.


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3. Insulin Carrying Case

If you’re a diabetic, you probably have a place in your fridge where you keep insulin to ensure it's at its maximum potency at all times. Traveling can become a hassle if you don’t have the proper tools to ensure the same cool and safe temperatures. The Medicool Insulin Protector keeps insulin cool for up to 12 hours.


The protector not only cools your essential insulin, it features convenient pockets for syringes, alcohol swabs, and two cooler packs, so you can keep all of your supplies in one secure place.

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4. Diabetic Socks

Socks may not seem like an important purchase for your medical health, but as a diabetic, you know the proper socks can go a long way. Venosan Diabetic Socks contain antibacterial silver yarn that are designed specifically to maintain the proper foot climate. The seams of the toes have been sewn individually by hand and the cuffs are knitted to be non- constricting. Every aspect of these socks is created with your neuropathic feet in mind, to ensure that dangerous pressure points are avoided.


You can choose sock that are either partially or fully cushioned, depending on your preferred thickness and comfort. As a diabetic, these socks meet all the criteria for the foot health you aspire to maintain.

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Managing Diabetes

There are a number of technological innovations and products that have allowed diabetics to more easily manage their condition. If you are living with diabetes, education, exercise, nutrition, weight management, and medication are all important facets to your overall health. Using tools to increase ease in lifestyle management is also a great way to take care of long term health.



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