The Top 8 Power Scooters

February 06, 2018
The Top 8 Power Scooters
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Power scooters are a form of innovative technology that have given people with limited mobility newfound independence. Power scooters offer fast and efficient transportation that allow people with physical disabilities to run errands, or simply move around their own home.

Wheelchairs require engagement of the arms or another caretaker for assistance. The hydraulics, adjustable comfort, and electric controls on power scooters alleviate the need for outside assistance. Power scooters are also stable and designed to withstand uneven terrain, they can move faster, and remain balanced.

The Difference between Power Scooters

Choosing the right scooter depends on what the user is looking for. Power scooters can differ in their design, speed, weight, and maneuverability. Power scooters can range anywhere between $600 to $6,000. It’s important to evaluate the key differences like the performance, assembly, weight capacity, and the main feature of each design. Here are the top eight scooters on the market for varying reasons.


1.  Pride Jazzy Air

Best movement capabilities

This scooter is best suited for people seeking easy elevation. If the person using the power scooter has a hard time getting in and out of the chair and needs back support and fast, effective movement vertically; the Pride Jazzy is the number one choice. This scooter features height adjustment at the touch of a button, a joystick drive controller, stability for indoors and outdoors, as well as a contoured reclining seat.


Price: $6695.00


2.  Drive Cobra GT4


Best weight capacity


This heavy duty scooter is perfectfor people looking for a smooth stable ride that is capable of taking on the outdoors. The design is modern and sleek but the wheels, chair, and lights are all designed for ideal driving. This scooter has one of the highest weight capacities on the market at 450 lbs and the chair can accelerate to up to 10 mph.


Price: $5999.00


3. Pride Jazzy 600 Power Chair PrI J600


Best safety features


A scooter with a tight-turning radius, maximum stability, aggressive performance, and a shape engineered to prevent hang-ups. If the user of the scooter is concerned about their safety; this is the scooter that guarantees full control. The chair also comes in a wide variety of colours.


Price: $6395.00


4.  Pride Go-Go Folding Scooter


Best travel scooter


The Go-Go is meant for those on the move. The scooter is always ready for transport and can easily fold into a packable shape. It’s a great space-saver and can be stored away in the closet, garage, or trunk of a car when it’s not being used. This mobility device is recommended for the more active lifestyle.


Price: $3199.00


5. Pride Pursuit XL


Best for comfort


This scooter is designed for comfort. From the headrest to the toes, this scooter is made to provide optimal comfort for its user. The high-back and reclining capabilities allow a smooth transition into a lounging state. The pillow top seat is easy on the rear and allows for easy sitting for an extended period of time.


Price: $5499.00


6. Golden Patriot

Best for the outdoors


The scooter for the outdoorsmen! Off-road features, full lighting, bright colours, high ground clearance, high weight capacity, and a far range, make this scooter fully equipt for the modern adventurer. The Patriot also has a basket and bottle holders so you can cruise around town with all the necessities.


Price: $4399.99


7. Golden Compass Sport Power Chair


Best for controlling


Get optimal control in the Power Chair. This scooter was designed by engineers to have an ergonomic control stick that allows for effortless steering. The hand rest and Dynamic Linx 40 amp controller allow people with limited mobility in their hands to easily control the scooter. This is an ideal feature for users that may have arthritis in the joints in their hands.


Price: $3199.99


8.  Pride Go-Chair Compact Power Chair


Best value


Lightweight, sleek, and feather-touch disassembly. This is the minimalist choice for power scooter users. This scooter isn’t built for incredibly fast speed but it is built for comfort and ease of use. The absence of a basket or front piece let’s the user extend their legs or rest them on the large foot plate.


Price: $2399.99

Shop the Selection of Power Scooters

These are our top picks but you can decide for yourself. The kind of mobility someone buys depends on their individual needs. Whether you’re seeking something fast, comfortable, outdoorsy or all of the above, you can browse our wide selection of power mobility scooters.


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