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Assist Poles (23)

Stander Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar


Signature Life Sure Stand Pole


Superpole System


Stander Security Pole


Sure Stand Pole Horizontal Grab Bar


Healthcraft Advantage Rail Portable Foot Plate


Healthcraft Superpole Ceiling Plate Extender


Healthcraft Superpole Angled Ceiling Plate


Healthcraft Superpole SuperBar Add On Kit


Healthcraft Superpole Trapeze Add On Kit


Healthcraft Superpole Uni Fit Extension


Healthcraft Advantage Rail - Bariatric - Portable


Healthcraft Advantage Rail - Portable


Healthcraft Advantage Rail - Bariatric


Healthcraft Advantage Rail


Healthcraft Advantage Pole - Portable


Healthcraft Advantage Pole


Bariatric SuperPole


Superpole Ultra


Sure Stand Pole Swivel Tray


Stay secure with an assist pole from Healthcare Solutions. There are different styles of assist poles to choose from, including ones with handles and ones without. Whether you're lowering yourself into the bath, standing up, or doing anything else, use an assist pole to stay safe and balanced.