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Acu-Shiatsu Massage Balls
Relaxus Acu-Shiatsu Massage Balls
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Nordic Walking & Hiking Pole
Relaxus Acu-Shiatsu Massage Bar
Thera Ball
Relaxus Thera Ball
Sale price$4.99
Extendable Easy Reach
Save $40
Relaxus Kayo II Percussion Massager
Relaxus Relaxus Kayo II Percussion Massager
Sale price$79.99 Regular price$119.99
Zinger Head Massager
Mini Thermo Shiatsu Massager
Long Reach Lotion Applicator
Thera Press
Relaxus Thera Press
Sale price$14
Massaging Acu Tapper
Eco Yoga Mat
Relaxus Eco Yoga Mat
Sale price$37
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Exerfit Resistance Loop Bands (Set of 3)
Thermo Shiatsu Massage Cushion
Relaxus Inversion Table
Stress-Less Gel Balls

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