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Surgical Dressings (8)

Mepore Pro Self Adhesive, Absorbent Dressings - Box of 30/40/60


Mepore Adherent Dressing and Plaster Rolls - Box of 30/50/60/Each


Mepilex Border Post-Op Self Adhesive Absorbent Foam Dressing With Safetac & Flex Innovation - Box of 10


Mepore Film & Pad Dressing - A breathable, absorbent dressing that's discreet and comfortable to wear


Mepore Film Dressing - A breathable fixation dressing that allows you to monitor the wound area


AQUACEL SURGICAL cover dressing


AQUACEL Ag Surgical cover dressing


Melgisorb Plus Dressing - Alginate dressing for moderately to heavily exuding wounds

Dressings for post-operative care of your surgical wounds. These dressings are extra breathable, absorbent and specially designed for your comfort to ensure faster and easier post-operative recovery.