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TENA Incontinence Products (32)

TENA Ultra Washcloths


TENA® Night Super Pads


TENA Cleansing Cream


TENA Stretch Super Brief


TENA UltraFlush Washcloths


TENA Overnight Pads


TENA Protective Underwear Plus


TENA Bathing Glove


TENA Intimates Maximum Long


TENA Super Briefs


TENA Stretch Ultra Brief


TENA Day Plus Pads


TENA Comfort Night Super


TENA Overnight Super Protective Underwear




TENA® MEN Protective Underwear Super Plus Absorbency


TENA Air Flow Underpad


Tena Ultra Washcloths Scent-Free


TENA Comfort Pad Extra


TENA Ultra Brief


The TENA® brand is a global leader in incontinence products, helping men and women feel confident every day. From lotions and creams to pads and briefs to comfort pants and underwear, TENA® products are discreet and reliable in handling those unexpected leaks. They are the number-one choice of many caregivers because of the protection technology TENA® uses in its products for men and women. Each product is designed to accommodate all body types.

TENA® Canada aims to improve your quality of life so that you can enjoy outings and quality time without the worry of a sudden leak. Their incontinence products for men and women are designed to contain embarrassing odours while keeping your skin dry and balanced. The Super-Absorbent Technology engineered by TENA® means that 100 times its weight in liquid is locked away. TENA® has solid quality assurance practices in place, which include conducting rigorous tests to make sure that their products live up to your needs.

Healthcare Solutions values empowerment, which is why our company offers a wide range of TENA® pads and TENA® briefs that are designed to fit various body types and absorbency levels. Regain your independence with daytime or nighttime incontinence products.

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