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Compression Therapy Dressings (5)

3M Coban Self-Adherent Wrap


Tubigrip - Multi-purpose tubular bandage - 10 yard long rolls


Tubinette Surgical Stocking/ Retention Bandage, Latex-Free


Tubifast Tubular Bandage Latex-free


Profore Lite Latex - Box of 8

Compression therapy is a simple and effective means of increasing blood flow activity in the lower limbs through strengthening vein support. It's a form of wound care that aims to gently apply pressure to the ankles and legs by wearing specifically designed stockings. It helps to prevent blood clots, which is why compression therapy is frequently advised following surgery. Improving venous flow speeds up wound healing and assists in preventing infection. Compression stockings can also be worn after healing to keep blood flowing properly and minimize the chances of wound recurrence.